Statistical data is presented in an intuitive rich information channel, feeding commentators with a continuous stream of relevant live data via monitors. Key applications include the following:


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CIS is a licensed live statistical application designed for match day tracking and analysis of game trends. Every statistic that is captured can be displayed and compared between teams and individuals. You have the option of configuring your display to list the statistics you think will give you the edge. Statistics can be filtered across the entire game, a half, a quarter or time frames within a game.


Rocket is a statistical alerts engine designed for live use on game day. A number of customisable widgets are available to help tailor the software to specific team, coach or media needs. Alerts can display up to eight stats at once, colour coded based on whether your team is winning or losing that stat. Integration with multiple external screens allows several different configurations.


iStats is a licensed live broadcast statistical application specifically designed for Tablet displays. It mirrors much of the same content and functionality as CIS with the addition of being able to view final statistics for any completed match from the current or previous AFL seasons. Please note this is a TV broadcast application only.